Exact Match Wedding Enquiries For £1.60 Per Day

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It's all about marketing your wedding business intelligently!

We are changing the way we promote your wedding business - Why? Well, we've been surveying our customers for months and these are the things they've put on their personal wish lists, and asked me to build into their packages.

Are any of them on your wish list?

  • Increase my wedding leads, telling me precisely where they came from and the email of the potential customer through permission
  • Find me local leads that want to buy at my prices
  • Only deliver leads when I am available
  • Show me how to improve the way my website works
  • Drive increased amounts of traffic that would consider my business proposition that I can measure – for pence!
  • Teach me how to better my business strategy so I’m at least with, or even better, ahead of my competition
  • A fully managed, qualified email marketing opportunity to 1000’s of couples who are actively planning a wedding, where I don’t have to build the list myself
  • Make it risk-free by guaranteeing to give me my money back if the promise wasn’t fulfilled*
  • As part of our survey, these were our additional findings:
  • Most hard copy advertising is oversold but underperforming, run by wage paid uncreative people – it’s a hard fact, but nevertheless true!
  • Many have been sold expensive websites that are pretty but don’t work
  • Most wedding fayres are poorly organised where disappointed exhibitors meet a handful of disappointed brides
  • Hundreds of dedicated business owners would appreciate an on-call expert in their business lives who will share cutting-edge strategies and new ideas, that can instantly improve the day-to-day running of their enterprise

We’ve also examined in great detail many websites over the past few months and these are the results:

  • Keywords: many websites have none and those that do, are wrong. No one outside Google and the other search engine companies knows exactly how their searching and matching algorithms work – except that relevant keyword phrases must appear at least once in every 150 words of your page copy and page source coding, otherwise you’re no where to be found
  • Website titles: the first thing a search engine or Googlebot sees when it visits your website and these are missing or incorrect on many websites
  • H1 and H2 tags: Google is looking for these and once again few have them
  • Many web pages are made up entirely of images - even telephone numbers which search engines can’t read to offer it up in search results
  • Not enough copy is written into pages for search engines to read
  • Websites aren’t doing the 3 things Google loves: selling something, encouraging people to sign up to something, or downloading something – relevancy being the master key

Over the past 2 years, we’ve invested heavily into learning new marketing techniques from the world’s leading marketers. And from this, we’re going to introduce ways to make White Wedding Pages the most profitable product you can use to promote your wedding business, and match all and more on the wish list above. 

Internet marketing is BIG, improving by the minute and immensely compelling. You either love Google or you hate it! But, whether you do or you don’t, it’s here to stay and changing everything we do in our business. The world of commerce, for your business and mine, is even more competitive since the Internet was introduced, but the trick will always be, knowing how to use it effectively in your business, turning your investments into profits.

So, what are these BIG changes are we making for you?

  1. www.whiteweddingpages.co.uk is undergoing a major overhaul, with new HTML coding being written to dramatically improve the way visitors use the site, particularly concentrating on the delivery of exact match results for brides searching for suppliers
  2. www.whiteweddingpages.co.uk will give you the ability to create a micro website with us in addition to the existence of your own website
  3. We will attract brides from across the UK through Google campaigns, increasing our traffic and thereby yours, exponentially

How will we manage traffic at www.whiteweddingpages.co.uk?

When traffic arrives (we’ll refer to this traffic as a ‘bride’), rather than present the bride with the tedious task of running up and down searchable directories and never knowing if her search will be fruitful, we will ask the bride to give us the job of finding her suppliers, exact matched to her search criteria.

E.G. We will ask for the bride’s name, wedding date, the service she is looking for. i.e. wedding photographer Sutton Coldfield, wedding date, and price band.

Three of these search terms will then be filtered through the coding architecture at www.whiteweddingpages.co.uk and only the results that match the bride’s search criteria will be delivered up. Using the above example for a wedding photographer, the online advert will deliver the following:

  1. First filter: only photographers that give us the search phrase wedding photographer Sutton Coldfield (up to 5 keyword phrases will be part of your online advert and we will work with you on the best ones to use fitting your business profile exactly.
  2. Next filter is availability: those photographers in Sutton Coldfield that are showing available on the wedding date indicated by the bride
  3. Final filter is price band: those photographers in Sutton Coldfield - available on the date given, that show the price band the bride wants

NEW: Affiliate Community on your www.whiteweddingpages.co.uk profile. The opportunity to add links to your recommended suppliers, forming a personal community of affiliate companies.

This is a ‘game-changer’ - no risk system to use right now!

At low, low cost to you, this filtering will generate highly relevant leads for venues, stationers, videographers, beauticians, toastmasters, entertainers, transport companies, firework companies, venue décor, marquee hire, hen and stag, and any other company that has a limit to the number of weddings it can take on, on any given wedding date. For retail companies or those that are not man-power restricted or product restricted, such as bridal wear, ladies occasion wear, honeymoon companies, florists, jewellers and menswear hire, www.whiteweddingpages.co.uk will deliver up the results for all according to the search criteria of the bride (excluding availability matching). Retail business profiles will be able to show links to designer labels, or product galleries, creating a hugely relevant search result.

This system is designed to exact match all searches made, making the site completely significant to a bride in finding appropriate suppliers.

If you’ve ever been on hotels.com, you’ll know that searches made for hotel rooms, in your chosen location, at a room rate of your choice, delivers results ‘exact matched’ for you to select from. This is ‘that’ solution for your business or any wedding service wanting results.

Our online services are all going to be backed with a 100% Money-back Guarantee – if we don’t deliver at least 52 optimised and matched views* (averaged one per week over a year) a full refund will take place**

This is the no risk marketing system everyone has been waiting for. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your online marketing for as little as £1 per day.

To get started with your online marketing straight away, call: 01926 485 411!


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