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This week, I've helped 5 wedding dress shop owners break away from business headaches using a master plan I personally created for them. On top, I helped 3 wedding photographers implement a strategy that will make them more money. And more, I scripted a unique set of new rules for a wedding florist, a venue, a videographer and a men's hire company that will cut out 'no shows' for appointments, the dreaded question about price and the myth about the power of competition.

Here's what one of those wedding dress shop owners had to say:

"Gail from White Wedding Pages is truly inspirational, unlike most media companies that I advertise with. Gail is always looking for ideas to help in what, I can only describe as a very challenging industry now. I always enjoy the calls and come off the phone empowered to make the changes in my business: proven strategies that Gail has researched. I have so much confidence in Gail that I've increased my advertising budget [to work closer with Gail] because it works! Thank you Gail, you make such a difference. Keep up the amazing work you are doing" Wedding dress shop owner in Coventry

A few weeks ago, I 'let the cat out of the bag' that I was only going to work with 200 wedding business owners out of the thousands in the Midlands. It doesn't matter whether they are florists, dress shop owners, venues, photographers or transport companies. It doesn't matter if they're new or established 30 years. All that matters is that they want more profits, want less work stress, or want more happy customers who will rave about their service. The only demand on them I will make is that they apply what I show them. Simple?

We are going to give these wedding business owners, the secrets to changing their business and profits forever.

Now it may be that you are negative about advertising. That's okay, most people are. That's one of the biggest reasons to throw out advertising products that don't include 100% commitment, support and expertise. Commitment on my part will be to steer you and your business with advertising that works. Give you marketing and coaching on strategies to eliminate the headaches you have at the moment. I'll show you where you're going wrong and replace it with proven techniques that you can implement within hours at very little cost to you and your business.

My 200 wedding business team is almost complete.

If you want more than you've ever experienced before from your advertising and marketing team, you need to come on board now. Email me at gail@whiteweddingpages.co.uk and let me know that you want to be part of this, as I'm only going to be available to teach and support a minority few wedding business owners from July onwards. The goal is to have a quality group of wedding professionals, giving the highest calibre of service to an engaged couple.

My small team are going to be using HIGH IMPACT, easy to set up, sales techniques used by the most successful people in all industries. They're proven, they don't need testing, you just need to know what they are and how to use them. This isn't about changing what you do, ie photography, hospitality, stationery, venue dress etc, it's about how you capture and captivate customers. The tools are simple yet nuclear, straightforward and easy to use, and I'll show you how to do it. I'll even style a strategy to your particular part of the wedding industry and solve your problem headache for good.

Let me know if you want me on your team. White Wedding Pages is changing the way we help wedding business owners - now!

Kind regards
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