Wedding Advertising

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STIMULATIVE advertising is best described like this - it is the form of advertising that puts the seller in touch with the buyer using an opportunistic time. It’s advertising that is put in front of a ‘possible’ customer, that plants a seed in their minds to buy something or use something that they may not have conceived without that stimuli.

For example... Let’s say you are driving along the motorway and see a sign promoting juicy cheeseburgers for £2.99 at the next services. Before you saw the picture of it on the roadside, you probably weren’t thinking of cheeseburgers. But this stimulative food related advertising made you think food and feel hungry. You have now been stimulated to pull off the motorway and stop for lunch. Everyone who eats is therefore subject to stimulative advertising.

Most people in the wedding industry have turned away from stimulative advertising. It is the most expensive. It has a short life and not targeted, shown on platforms where most people are uninterested in what is being sold - TV, radio, leaflet dropping.

Stimulative advertising is used by double glazing companies, bed manufacturers, furniture makers, car makers and the like. It makes you ‘think you might like’ new windows, cars, beds or sofas. But not necessarily is the promoter going to get your purchase. Stimulative advertising causes you to think about all the options out there. E.G. Safestyle might spend £100,000 on a TV ad campaign, stimulating your interest, only for you to go on and buy from Anglian Windows.

Be careful about using stimulative advertising unless your pockets are very deep.

People who are targeted through directive advertising are by definition now potential BUYERS!

DIRECTIVE advertising and the only type you should concentrate on, is targeted. Targeted advertising is aimed at someone who has already decided to buy what you make or create, has put themselves in the position to buy or entered the market, is looking into trade journals or events that are specific to helping them get the things they want or need. These buyers want a solution FAST!

You need to be waiting, to ‘direct’ potential buyers, on how to buy from you.

The craft of directive advertising is to be found where buyers are looking; to have an irresistible offer to stop them looking elsewhere; to fulfill the buyer’s need fast and do it long before the competition can steal them away from you.

In a nutshell, stimulative is great for creating desire where it previously didn’t exist, and particularly good for brand advertising.

In directive advertising it is imperative to be visible to those who have already made the decision to buy and have joined the marketplace where you are waiting.

Show Exactly What You’ve Got (What you do)
There Will Always Be An Offer (What it will do for them)
Show How Easy You Can Get It To Them (What they should do next)



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