How important are special offers?

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GOOGLE - the biggest search engine on the planet, spends $millions on direct mail – in the form of ADWORDS coupons.


For one, it gets you thinking about GOOGLE, turns you into a higher spending customer and squeezes their competition out.

You see, GOOGLE knows the psychological impact when a $billion company writes directly using a special offer. It’s massive, can’t be ignored, makes people feel special.

But, 99% of business owners think this type of communication is ‘dead’

The same 99% threw it out with the trash going with the free, simple, cheaper solutions.

The outcome was all 99% are in the free, simple, cheaper arena. Now they’re ALL stuck.

Successful wedding advertising means standing out from the crowd. So look again at the power of a special offer in your opening communication to a prospect?

One, it gets you noticed in the clutter of your market place, and 2 makes your prospect feel ‘special’.

Sending written communications via all forms of advertising should include a special offer. If nothing else, prospects will give you that second thought and that may be all you need.

If you would like more information on successful wedding advertising, how to create your special offer, how to get the offer out to your prospects and how to include it in all forms of your advertising, CALL Gail ON 01926 485 411


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