Mothers - Mum's A Sensation

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mother in pink with her bride daughter

On a scale of 1 to 10, a son or daughter’s wedding ranks at the very top in the glamour stakes and after the bride, all eyes will be focused on you. Your appearance in your chosen outfit is a significant highlight and although you want to be instantly recognisable as the mother of the bride or groom, you must be careful not to outshine the bride.

This is quite a brief to fulfil, especially if a flamboyant hat is the most striking element of the outfit. Strictly speaking, there are no taboos on style, or trends, but white and ivory should be avoided when this has been chosen by the bride. Play it safe and keep the bride involved when shopping, and give her the final vote before buying. If the bride chooses to wear daring scarlet, or other vibrant colours, then cream, ivory or white become completely acceptable.

Shopping for this all-important outfit creates precious opportunities for both mum and daughter to share. Where possible, a bride and her mum should make a day of it, working in pleasant lunches, beauty treatments and hairdressing trips. Try to include the mum of the groom in your shopping trips. She also has a special day ahead and a beautiful outfit to buy but is unlikely to shop with her son in tow. It’s a lovely way to show your approval on her chosen colours and give help with her shoes and accessories. She, after all, made it possible for you to have the man of your dreams.


  • Select an outfit that is both comfortable and one you can sit in.
  • Make sure your hat is worn on the crown not the back of your head.
  • Choose colours that suit your complexion and hair colour and not the season’s hottest.
  • Wear the whole caboodle, including your accessories; have a photograph taken so that you can fine-tune the look before the day.
  • If those 4 inch heels are a must for the ensemble, invest in a 2nd pair, also matched to your chosen colour, having a more comfortable fit and heel size to change into later.
  • Wear stockings that are lighter in colour than your usual.
  • Accessorise, accessorise - always accessorise.
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