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Mr and Mrs Brockie's picture


I got married in December 2016 and used TrulyScrumptious for chair covers, fairy lit trees, hurricane vases, a postbox and my centrepieces. The evening before the wedding Naomi arrived to set up, my family and I were leaving the venue for dinner so unfortunately I wasn't there to pre-empt the chaos. Although I was there long enough to witness her son completely mess up the photobooth props that we had set up upstairs. Not a great start. 
The following morning when I went over to the ceremony room I was horrified!
The postbox provided was dirty and in need of repair and many of the chair covers were dirty or creased but that wasn't the worst thing! The centre pieces bared NO RESEMBLANCE to what we had ordered! I had provided a picture of what I wanted prior to booking so there was no reason for this error. My bridesmaid rang Naomi who said she'd 'had a feeling they weren't quite right' and would come and fix them. At this point I thought it was going to be ok, however I couldn't have been more wrong! Naomi arrived but her attempt at making what I had asked for was pathetic as clearly she had made no preparations and hadn't even bought what she needed. They were FILTHY, the candles were tiny and the wrong colour, the baubles were far too small, there weren't enough of them and some of them weren't even baubles. Basically they just looked cheap and just awful!! But still Naomi had not peaked in her unprofessionalism! Seeing that we were not happy with what she'd provided she said she was going to go and get more baubles, the right candles etc and come back. Well...she left...and NEVER CAME BACK!!! Myself, my bridesmaid and the venue rang and text her repeatedly and got no response, at which point she blocked our numbers! Thank god the venue stepped in and found some beautiful candelabras that we used as centrepieces because there was no way we could have used what Naomi left us.
The week after the wedding I emailed Naomi to discuss her horrendous conduct and request a refund. She denied any wrong doing!! The venue contacted her on my behalf and she again denied wrong doing and also made up lies about me and my bridesmaid! She said that she had told me that she couldn't provide exactly what I'd asked for which was a LIE and that she'd rang my bridesmaid and told her she wasn't coming back which was a LIE! Naomi then completely stopped responding to my emails and I literally had to send her emails and facebook messages every other day for over a month and also found her husband on fb and messaged him before I finally got a response. The response I eventually received from her was just as rude as the original response and even though I had provided her photographic evidence of her shoddy work she still denied any wrong doing and offered absolutely no explanation for not providing what I had asked for, doing a disappearing act, blocking numbers and basically being a complete bitch in all (albeit minimal) communications! Nearly two months of me hounding her and I finally got a pathetically tiny refund. The only thing she would refund is the money for the centrepieces, nothing for the dirty broken postbox, nothing for the dirty chair covers and nothing in the way of compensation for the fact that she RUINED the morning of my wedding. Please brides to be I beg you, do not use this company and please spread the word to your bride to be friends. I would hate what happened to me to happen to anyone else. 

Dan and klein's picture



unreliable , don't respond to Emails, text or calls and then have the nerve to say it must be me emailing /texting the wrong number/ email. Started off ok but once you pay the deposit they stop replying 

Visitor's picture

Do Not Use this Company

Well we got our chair covers and sashes  but its now 6 weeks since the wedding and it looks like we will not see the refundable deposit!!!

I have sent numerous emails, the first one was responded to saying they were busy and would deal with the refund in the next couple of days.................. I have heard nothing since!!  Do not use this company!!

jilted bride's picture

Unresponsive Naomi


If I'm honest I wish I had listened to the reviews on this website but for some reason my mind kept telling me to ignore them and that "they must be fake".  How wrong I was!  In the end I had to forfeit the £50 deposit, bite the bullet and find a different supplier at the last minute.  There was no apology from Naomi at her terrible lack of responsiveness, disorganisation and ignored emails and calls.  You will never be able to get hold of her when you need to.  I understand she is busy but she gives you no confidence at all that she cares about your wedding or that she will get the job done. You have to question why they have no review section on their Facebook website - probably because all the angry customers would come out of the woodwork!  Seriously, you have been warned, avoid at all costs for your own sanity.

Visi's picture



Please do not use Truly Scrumptious Wedding for you special day! I got married on 22nd August and the flowers provided by Naomi were awful, they were wilted and nothing like the ones I asked for and paid for. It is so disheartening, that someone can just ignore all the details and take no notice of your emails and requests. My flowers were so bad my wedding venue actually called a local florist to redo them later that day. I still haven't heard from Naomi about receiving my deposit back, or even acknowledgement of my emails since the wedding. My bridesmaids bouquets fell apart before even walking down the aisle and my husband who doesn't usually take any notice of these sorts of things mentioned to Naomi whilst she was on site that the flowers weren't like the photos I showed him. All she did was laugh and carried on. I hope this review will save future Brides and Grooms from this sort of heartache.

tracy vaughan's picture

truly scrumptious?? not!!

Avoid using this company if you want a stress free run up to your big day!!! We booked and paid a £50 deposit for a large order of chair covers backdrops centrepieces and flowers. But after months of no replies to emails and complete lack of interest on their behalf which was very annoying we found ourselves cancelling them 8 weeks before our wedding and having to find another company!! Reviews on their website and fb page were great but obviously they havnt posted any negative feedback!! After taking to previous customers and reading reviews on a non bias website i was unsure if they would even turn up on the day as well as the quality of their services. I emailed to cancel and ask for our £50 deposit as they had provided no service to us at all....but what a surprise response!!!!!

Visitor's picture

I approached truly


I approached truly scrumptious because of their competitive prices but in hindsight I would have rather given by money to a more expensive company who would have given me the courtesy of replying to my emails.

communications were okay until I had paid my deposit, then they were few and far between, despite me wanting to add to my order for table decs and flowers - I'm glad I never gave them the custom.

on he run up to the wedding I was told that they needed a £50 deposit for the chair covers - which wasn't mentioned at all when I booked, but I paid it on Naomi's assurance that it was refundable.

it has been 10 weeks since my wedding and I still haven't received the refund. She has on two occasions replied and said that she will do it tonight/tomorrow & surprise surprise I haven't received anything! 

This is not acceptable - I would steer clear of this company.

Mrs Harris's picture


We hired This company to decorate the function room for my daughters wedding, WHAT A BIG MISTAKE WE MADE AND WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!

Communication is extremely poor  and when you call to speak to them when they don't turn up theres no reply.

The chair covers we hired were dirty and marked, the table runners and chair swags were all creased and looked shabby, the bay trees that were supposed to be lit, did not work, the lit cherry blossom trees were delivered with no plugs so they could not be used.The list is endless!!!

If you want your wedding day to be as it should be please do not use this company, they are completely unprofessional.


Very unhappy customer's picture

Shocking shocking shocking.....









Terri 's picture

Highly recommend truly


Highly recommend truly scrumptious, decorated are venue and it looked amazing all are guests loved everything they had supplied including the flowers and love sign me and my husband could not have asked for the venue to look any better than it was, we wanted a  romantic feel to are venue and truly scrumptious defiantly gave us the romantic feel we wanted thank you ever so much X 

Maxine dakin's picture


I have used truly scrumptious for my daughters wedding and rich shutter love for the photographs , I am amazed at the results from flowers to decor , very lovely couple , would recommend them to any one .

thank you 

Maxine Clive 

Maxine dakin's picture



Had a brilliant wedding care of Naomi , wedding flowers was perfect and the love sign and all the decorations , rich did the photos , was a great wedding thanks to a fantastic couple , rich was great to work with xxx

Lilly and John's picture

Wedding October 2015


We used Truly Scrumptious to supply everything from chair covers and Love lettering to flowers and photography on the day.

As they are a small husband and wife run business we did encounter some communication issues at first and couldn't always get hold of them when we needed to.

However, I have to say that on the day we were delighted with the service we received from Richard and Naomi with all elements of the wedding running very smoothly. All products supplied were clean and in tact and we have just received our photographs taken by Richard, which have turned out beautifully. 

Visitor's picture

Thank you so much for our


Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding you created for us at The Warwick Arms hotel.

There was not one fault, everything looked beautiful and my wife was very happy. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to arrange a wedding! 


Thanks again for for making our day so special.

Oliver & Kirsty

Mrs W's picture

Just awful!!

I agree with everyone mentioning disgusting, dirty chair covers covered in holes. That's exactly what my sister and her wife received from Naomi and her husband on their wedding day. It then took over three months for them to receive their deposit back.

we had them booked for our wedding too but after seeing the disgusting state of the chair covers we cancelled the booking. Absolutely nowhere does it say the deposit is non refundable however we never received ours back.

Avoid this company at all costs!

Visitor's picture

truley scrumptious you are


Very happy with everything. Very professional and made the room look amazing. We had chair covers flock sashes and star lite back drop with table skirts and 2 7ft pre lite trees we had the lot. Room looked amazing i couldnt believe what an amazing job they had done. Everything came together for our special day. Thank you so mucn truly scrumptious for making the day amazing along with the hotel. Will recommend without a doubt anf will be using them again.

trulyscrumptiousweddings's picture

Thank You

Thank you Bev for your lovely comments :) It did look very special indeed and those flock hoods are an absolute hit with me! I am so pleased that you loved your room and I cant wait to work with you again on your Anniversary party :) xxx

Danielle 's picture

I cannot recommend truly


I cannot recommend truly scrumptious enough they were fantastic! We had our chair covers, table covers, white aisle carpet with petals, flowers & cake through them. Our rooms looked amazing the detail was perfect. My bouquet was gorgeous & my two girls had flower wands to match. The cake looked fantastic & tasted delicious.

Richard (shutter love photography) did our photos and he was brilliant. He made us feel really comfortable and fitted in perfectly. 

Such a lovely company/ family thank you both so much.

Mr and mrs Dillon's picture

Wedding 12/12/2015


On behalf of my husband and myself we would like to thank Naomi and all at truly scrumptious weddings for the amazing service they have provided for us before, during and after our wedding on the 12th December 2015.
We were blown away with how our reception room looked and it brought tears to my eyes that a room could look so pretty. Naomi left no detail out and our guests have not stopped complementing the way it looked....which is exactly the reaction I was looking for. Aswell as the reception room she even found time to decorate the church that morning so I had beautiful candles to guide me down the aisle.
Above all she has been more than accommodating regarding the many emails we have exchanged, even getting back to me whilst they were on holiday! I've read a few reviews about not receiving deposits back but this also has not been an issue. We've received ours in full just a week after ( when they know all their stock is back and not damaged).
Once again a huge thank you and we will be recommending you to everyone looking for a professional service.
Rachel and Patrick. (Mr and Mrs Dillon)

Nicci Holliday's picture

I'm really surprised to read


I'm really surprised to read some of the negative reviews on here.  I ran a professional event for industry people and the service that Naomi provided was second to none.  She was warm, friendly and provided an excellent, first class service with exceptional products. I organise large scale events for a living and would use Naomi and this company again, I was truly delighted!  Please do use Naomi - you won't be disappointed!  

Katy Menear's picture

Terrible service


Hired this company for my wedding day to provide chair covers and sashes, table centers, white aisle carpet and post box. She arrived late causing my ceremony to start late, the chair covers were dirty and sashes very very creased and some were missing a white rose at the back, there was no white aisle carpet or post box and she didn't bother to tell me this at all and when my wedding co-ordinator tried to contact her all she got was a txt to say they won't be here in time now as they are left at another venue. After I got back from honeymoon I still hadn't had any contact from Naomi, I had to email myself to get an apology and she offered to refund me the 2 items I didn't receive, however I also felt I deserved a partial refund for the state of the chair covers and the fact the table centers were not as shown and where all uneven- I have sent 2 more emails sent a letter recorded delivery  and have trading standards involved. I think they hope that I will just go away and stop contacting them but I won't and I strongly advise  against anyone using this company.  

Becky 's picture

Truly Awful - do not use!!!!


I hired truly scrumptiousto provide a number of items for my wedding on the 18th July, there were so many things wrong I don't know where to start!!! 

We we hired the ivory postbox which was not personalised and she had bit provided a key for, this resulted in use taking the postbox up to our room at 2am and the. Sitting on the floor with my hand itn it Sunday morning having to fish the envelopes out one by one.

we also hired the empty candy cart which we used for cheese, this cart was is such a poor state that the hotels maintenance team had to come down and brace it in order for it to be safe as when my husband touched it, in nearly fell on him!!!

we ordered sets of tea lights for each table which were not provided

and lastly and venue informed us that truly scrumptious had to be called back as she had not set up the room as originally agreed, despite being called back she still failed to carry out the work.

i am still awaiting my refund and for my £50 security deposit to be refunded, Naomi is currently not repo ding to any of my emails and so I have now passed my case on to trading standards. Never have I come across a company as unprofessional and unreliable as this - please if you want a stress free wedding do not go anywhere near them!!!!

Gillian and Luke's picture

Truly Scrumptious


Truly Scrumptious Weddings.... Excellent face to face! Naomi did all our flowers and table decorations for our special day and Richard did our photography. Our venue looked great.... As did our bridal flowers. Richard was great fun during the photos which can be hard work! We're really looking forward to seeing the photos!

Zipporah's picture

Many thanks for decorating


Many thanks for decorating our venue Naomi. You did a fantastic job and we were very pleased with your professionalism. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends getting married as you are truly remarkable and did offer us great service!!.Thank you for making our wedding a very successful and stylish one!!Your creativity in bringing everything together was incredible.The pictures of the venue look very beautiful.

Thank you x

Claudette 's picture

Big thanks


A huge thanks for making our wedding day really special. We used this company for everything for our wedding from the chair covers to table decorations, sweet table, flowers, venue decorations etc. We were not disappointed. The room looked simply elegant just how I wanted it. It looked amazing. The Dj did a great job. The dance floor was never empty and we had a good old party. Me and my husband could just enjoy our wedding day knowing all was taken care of. We also used their photography service and Richard was really great. Cannot wait to see the pictures. Would recommend this company any time xx

Chitra's picture

Hessian and Lace chair covers


We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for going the extra mile (literally!) to ensure we had the chair covers and sashes for our wedding on 4th April. 

We can't think of any company who would drive to a client's house over an hour away the day before a bank holiday weekend to provide them with a product after the courier company failed to deliver it. It really shows how much you care about each client no matter how big or small their order is. 

We've attached some photos of our wedding with the chairs so you can see how perfect they looked!
Thank you again so much, we will be sure to recommend Truly Scrumptious to friends and family.

Emmal699's picture

I do not recommend this


I do not recommend this company to anyone. We hired 2 items both which they got wrong. The first was a candy Ferris wheel with sweets that I had chosen (and agreed with the owner Naomi), when I arrived at my wedding there was a candy cart (minus the roof), this wouldn't have been a huge issue if she had contacted me previously to state the change. also I didn't get any of the sweets that I had chosen at all. The second item was a personalised lockable post box for my cards. Again I arrived at my venue to find it wasn't personalised instead a blank price of folded card had been up in, however the worst thing was there was no key and it was left unlocked therefore our £2000 worth of money/vouchers was left unsecured all day and night. I have since received a partial refund after a lot of chasing Naomi. I would definitely not ever use this company again.

Mrs Pearson 's picture

I used truly scrumptious


I used truly scrumptious weddings for everything for my wedding...from chair covers to centrepieces to flowers to photography and I was really happy with everything they did. Great value for money (especially the flowers) and everything was done exactly how I wanted it and my venue looked beautiful on the day. I would highly recommend them. X

Chris's picture

Truly nothing 'scrumptious' about their products or service


My wife and I hired 46 wedding chair covers for our reception. When we arrived there the day before (7hrs from where we live), the reception manager said she had opened the box of covers to find they were dirty and had to send for some more for us. Luckily, the new box arrived that evening, but again, most were dirty, some were stained and some had holes in. We covered the chairs to find we were a few covers short and upon phoning 'Truly Scrumptious Weddings', were told to just use some out of the first dirty box to make up for numbers (no apology for lack of numbers or for the dirty, stained and hole-ridden covers).

The day after the wedding, we returned two boxes (one of chair covers, one of sashes), but left a message with T.S.Weddings to tell them that we weren't willing to pay for the first box we received of dirty covers to be returned.

Like many others have said, you have to hassle to get the damage deposit back, which is a joke considering they arrive to you damaged. Again, never once an apology for their poor service and products. Yes, they're cheap, but I think they like to try and keep your deposit. And, in this case, cheap meant the covers were below the number we asked and that covers were also dirty, stained and had holes in. Just like you'd avoid the plague, avoid Truly Scrumptious Weddings; they were far from 'scrumptious.'

Mrs.M's picture

Chair cover hire


Although we got a good deal on the chair covers the ones i hired hadnt come back from a previous wedding! i had to wait til the day before my wedding to pick up covers that were an alternative design. when my husband went to pick up the owner was late. When I opened the boxes of covers they were damp and smelt of damp washing I had to air them out first!! The hessian tie wraps were very very creased and all different lengths as were the lace ties,and all different shades. Lots of the stock was dirty. Overall really disappointed . Can't say I'd recommend.

Charlotte's picture

Wedding chair covers


Hired chair covers and bows for my wedding. Recieved by post to find wrong colour bows, lace been chopped too short and hadn't been washed from previous person. Did receive correct items from supplier day before wedding. Did not collect items after when stated. Had to hassle for deposit back! Not great experience.

Christina's picture

The Truly Scrumptious


The Truly Scrumptious Weddings company dealt with my enquiry incredibly quickly, and were really friendly. The person who emailed back was really helpful, their website is so clear that I already had a pretty good idea about what I wanted. I am in process of booking my chair covers and sashes for next April and have asked for extra advice about decorating the venue as they have mentioned they have been there before. I have no doubt that this will also be met with the same polite, efficient response. Very pleased with the deal I picked up and couldn't have found it without White Wedding Pages, so thank you!

gail's picture

White aisle carpet Just £30


Great little offer again from Truly Scrumptious Weddings. Your very own white carpet to walk on at your wedding. See Truly Scrumptious Weddings for chair covers and venue decor, plus some great low-cost photography packages too.

Smith Roy's picture

Wedding Chair Covers


The wedding chair cover is really amazing. Wedding chair covers are standard items and suitable for all events. It is good fancy of your wedding chair covers.

Roy Smith's picture

Chair Coivers


Thanks for your tips on chair covers for those who are looking for chair covers to make a special wedding or events.

Joanne's picture



I have just had my wedding invitations created & complete from Naomi and Rich and they are beautiful. Every detail was perfect. I am a hard person to please and want everything perfect and these were done to perfection.
Majority of my wedding party has complimented me on the invites and said how beautiful they are!
All the best materials, no cheap nonsense and they will do exactly what you want.


thanks again

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