White Wedding Pages January 2009 Issue 10

White Wedding Pages January 2009 Issue 10 cover

The logo may have changed but the book is still White Wedding Pages. Our emphasis for 2009 is to increase the value within the directory and make it possible for brides and grooms to plan the most exciting wedding, even if it was to be on a strict budget. More competitions are included:  WIN a Spa Day at Champneys, WIN Wedding Lingerie and WIN Wedding Makeovers.

2008 saw the start of a difficult time financially for everyone. And if that wasn't bad enough - you have a wedding to plan too. So in the latter part of 2008, White Wedding Pages stepped up to the plate and launched "Gail's List". Every couple can join the list and it's FREE. Each week, an email of savings up to a whopping 40% on wedding services, is sent out to list members. How good is that? Savings for FREE! Why wouldn't you join?

In December 2008 offers were sent out to "Gail's List Members" offering £100's in savings when booking. Each company sending out their offers is vetted personally by Gail to ensure couples receive 'the irresistible offer' she promised.

If you're planning your wedding, you simply must join today! To join now, simply click contact us